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Calcium Nitrite

Calcium Nitrite

CAS No.: 13780-06-8

Alternative name:  Nitrous acid calcium salt; CALCIUM NITRITE; CALCIUM NITRITE, 30 WT. % SOLUTION IN WA TER; Calcium Nitrite Ca (NO3)2*4H2O; calcium nitrite solution; CALCIUM NITRITE ANHYDROUS; Calcium dinitrite; Daraset;

Appearance: White powder

Content: 94% min, 92% min , 90% min

Molecular formula: Ca (NO2)2 

Usage: It is the main material of concrete additive, it can be used in the making of antifreeze, rust inhibitor of steel bar, early strength agent, it also can be used in the washing of heavy oil, emulsification of lube and chemicals. Every 2% calcium nitrite adding in concrete admixture, it can extend construction structure life for more than 15-20 years.

Package: 25kg plastic woven bags or packed according to the requirements of customers.