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CAS No.: 492-62-6

Alternative Name: Dextrose,Dextrose,Cornsugar,Grapesugar,Bloodsugar

Property: liquid and powder form, both have.

With rice as its raw material, liquid glucose is one kind of syrup mixture containing glucose,it is hydrolyzed and refined by holoenzyme method. It is light yellow, transparent with mild sweet flavor. It has neither abnormal tsate nor impurities.

1)    It can be used in the candy industry. Liquid glucose sirup is a modest sweeter, with well devitrification, oxidative stability, moderate viscosity and good chemical stability. 

2)    Liquid glucose syrup in the water absorbability high for the pig, bread, puddings, soft products can maintain, improve and extend the durability of products tastes

3)    Liquid glucose syrup is resisting crystallization, freezing point additional advantages for the cold drink production, the word can improve products, enhance product quality. 

4)    Liquid glucose syrup used in bakery.  

Storage: kept in a light-proof, well-closed, dry and cool place.