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Fulvic Acid

Fulvic Acid

Main Components and Physical and Chemical Property: BFA has two kinds of forms, dry powder and concentrated solution: 1) BFA concentrated solution is a viscous dark brown liquid, soy sauce flavored, has a specific density 1.20-1.4, and pH 4.5. It contains dry matters (solid content50-70%), fulvic acid (30-50%), effective NPK (4-8%), amino acid and nucleic acid (7-10%). 2) BFA dry powder is a powder with a color from light yellow to dark brown, easy to absorb moisture. This product contains fulvic acid (60-90%), and meanwhile is also rich in amino acids, indolic acids, nucleic acid, and vitamins and trace elements. So it is a multi-functional, highly active matter of fulvic acid. This product is soluble in any water with pH1-14, can not flocculate or precipitate in highly hard water and saturated common salt water, but can chelate with many metal ions or can be cosoluble with them, and is the optimal substitute for coal fulvic acid. It can provide new resources of humic acid for highly-concentrated foliar fertilizer, water flush fertilizer and development other ecological organic fertilizers in China.  

Use Scope and Effect: As a carrier, a mainbody or a additive, this product may be used for foliar fertilizer, water flush fertilizer, trace fertilizer, organic  fertilizer, plant nutritional solution, drought-resistant agent, seed dressing, and synergistic agent for farm chemicals and chemical fertilizers, which can increase its effect significantly. After use of this product, generally, gain crops increase in yield by 8-15%; and vegetables, melons and fruits, 0-20%, or over 20%. This product have preventive effect on various crop pests. When used in combination with farm chemicals and chemical fertilizers, its residue will decrease and its effect will increase. When used as a additive for a fertilizer, this product may reduce loss of NPK, and heighten availability of a fertilizer by 10-20%. This product has been popularized to use in big areas home and abroad to obtain remarkable economic benefit, and has been accepted and approved by most customers.


Fulvic Acid applied in agriculture and gardening industry, have benefit as following:
(1) Chelating ordinary amount and trace nutrient material can make it be used by plant much better.

(2) Preventing plant from disease, enhance anti-waterlogging.
(3) Stimulate microcosmic biology activity.
(4) Slowly release fertilizer, modify fertilizer and utilization of pesticide.
(5) Improve absorbing nutrition, promote plant sprout and growth.
(6) Speed up sediment and decompounding , meliorate soil structure.