The risk of error input

Exist risk

Ready-mixed concrete enterprise command center is stirred computer operation room floor, there is generally a scheduler, an operator and a stirring laboratory staff. Ready-mixed concrete business is a 24-hour operation, long working hours, work intensity, operating room have telephone, radio, GPS monitoring and other facilities, subject to interference, operator fatigue easily. Just by opening a new site operator input with input error prone than the risk to the enterprise has brought huge economic losses.

Control measures

First, strengthen the quality of education and to increase a stirring operator; the second is to do concrete work opening identify and establish special ledger. Entered by the operator mix, lab mix who is responsible for the supervision and inspection result input, two ledger after signing retention results in increased traceability. This is the approach adopted by the majority of ready-mixed concrete business.

Sodium lignosulphonate, sodium gluconate, sodium naphthalene

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Concrete - How to realize low water consumption

(1) strictly control the material properties detected by the above factors to reduce water consumption.

(2) increase the admixture content or use of a high efficiency water-reducing admixture rate, choose better adaptability of admixtures and cement varieties.

(3) improve the gravel grading, to find the best mix for each graded gravel to improve the workability, thereby reducing water consumption.

(4) by using a high content of cementitious materials to improve the workability.

(5) Notwithstanding the silo should be stamped repeatedly detect sand moisture content, to strengthen the sense of responsibility to ensure that every plate a slump concrete machine within the control range.

(6) to communicate with the site construction side is very important to get more understanding of construction workers and technical staff with the construction side to avoid the slump is too large. Correct understanding: Not greater the slump, the easier it will be pumping, but workability and gravel should be adjusted to adjust the amount.

(7) when the actual production is usually water and again with water will vary greatly. Therefore, in strict accordance with the content selection test better than or close to the material, compared with a more stringent test water-cement ratio control, to ensure there is enough surplus strength, and help ensure the site is qualified to enter the final. Try to maintain production with the principles of better.

Concrete additives: sodium lignosulphonate, sodium gluconate, sodium naphthalene formaldehyde, calcium lignosulphonate.

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Construction quality control of concrete

Spring and autumn are some of the common areas in Huaian, the first larger temperature difference between day and night, less rainfall, wind speed larger, generally in 4 to 5, the air drying humidity is small (generally <30%). These bring shrinkage cracks often dried, or a host of other issues to concrete.

Summer is the year continuous high temperature, more complex changes confront a season; hot summer, large evaporation of water, fresh concrete appears dry fast (surface), setting speed, false condensate, condensate duration, lower intensity, etc., and will bring crack phenomenon, which affects the quality of concrete.

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立春 The beginning of spring(1st solar term) Feb.3,4 or 5
雨水 Rain water(2nd solar term) Feb.18,19 or 20
惊蛰 The waking of insects(3rd solar term) Mar.5,6 or 7
春分 The spring equinox(4th solar term) Mar.20,21 or 22
清明 Pure brightness(5th solar term) Apr.4,5 or 6
谷雨 Grain rain(6th solar term) Apr.19,20 or 21
立夏 The beginning of summer(7th solar term) May 5,6 or 7
小满 Lesser fullness of grain(8th solar term) May 20,21 or 22
芒种 Grain in beard(9th solar term) Jun.5,6 or 7
夏至 The summer solstice(10th solar term) Jun.21 or22
小暑 Lesser heat(11th solar term) Jul.6,7 or 8
大暑 Greater heat(12th solar term) Jul.22,23 or 24
立秋 The beginning of autumn(13th solar term) Aug.7,8 or 9
处暑 The end of heat(14th solar term) Aug.22,23 or 24
白露 White dew(15th solar term) Sept.7,8 or 9
秋分 The autumn equinox(16th solar term) Sept.22,23 or 24
寒露 Cold dew(17th solar term) Oct.8 or 9
霜降 Frost’s descent(18th solar term) Oct.23 or 24
立冬 The beginning of winter(19th solar term) Nov.7 or 8
小雪 Lesser snow(20th solar term) Nov.22 or 23
大雪 Greater snow(21st solar term) Dec.6,7 or 8
冬至 The winter solstice(22nd solar term) Dec.21,22 or 23
小寒 Lesser cold(23rd solar term) Jan.5,6 or 7
大寒 Greater cold(24th solar term) Jan.20 or 21

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Applictaion de gluconato de sodio

Applictaion de gluconato de sodio
1. El gluconato sódico se puede utilizar como estabilizador de la calidad del agua, 
ya que tiene una excelente capacidad de inhibición a escala.
2. El gluconato sódico se utiliza como agente de limpieza de superficies de metal y vidrio.
3. El gluconato sódico se puede utilizar como reductor de agua, el establecimiento de retardador de hormigón.
4. En el campo de la medicina, gluconato de sodio puede mantener el equilibrio de ácido y álcali en el cuerpo 
humano, y recuperar el funcionamiento normal del nervio.
5. El gluconato sódico es capaz de prevenir eficazmente los síndromes de sodio con déficit que se produzcan.
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y tecnología. grado, 98%, 99% de pureza.

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A series of explosions shook Tianjin

A series of explosions shook the northern Chinese city of Tianjin late Wednesday, killing 17 people and injuring more than 300, according to officials and state media.The cause was not immediately clear. Praying for the people in the disaster, hope it will be fine.

Pray for our people. Meantime, sorry to our customer for late ship because the explosions.



Sorbitol utility

Sorbitol is a widely used chemical raw materials, food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other industries have a very wide range of applications, can be used as sweeteners, moisturizing agents, excipients, preservatives and other uses, both polyols nutritional advantage, namely low calorie, low-sugar, anti-caries effects.

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