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For all customers who buy our sodium lignosulphonate, PCE, SNF and other chemicals:



1. Express delivery tracking

 (Please contact our customer service person to get the tracking number,then find and click the right link below) 

   UPS tracking                  DHL tracking                Fedex tracking  


2. Shipping container tracking

(Please check your B/L and use the right number shown in the B/L to track)

                 MSK tracking                                         CSCL tracking              

APL tracking                                            HPL tracking

WHL tracking                                          MSC tracking

K-Line tracking                                       CMA tracking


3. Comments on search engine  (You can see the web comments on our "XYD" by search engine)

Google                       Yahoo                        MSN bing      


4. 3rd party Verified :   Alibaba


5. Other useful links for you

The World Clock – Time Zones

HS Code checking 



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