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New Opportunities for concrete admixture

 2013 China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Conference on the 26th held in Xi'an, from the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Asia nearly 20 countries, more than a hundred thousand petrochemical corporate executives and guests attended the meeting to discuss the petroleum and chemical industries western development of the market and opportunities.

   2013 China International Petroleum & Petrochemical General Assembly to " China Petroleum and Chemical Industry western development opportunities for development " as its theme, aimed at promoting China Petroleum and Chemical Industry international exchanges and cooperation, and promote open western petrochemical industry and development.

   Representatives from Chinese and foreign enterprises attended the meeting, employment within the focus of the enterprise development strategy, innovation, green growth and other hot topics and attendees share ideas, and to the west multinational strategy, how the scientific development of coal chemical industry, energy and chemical industries as well as the western energy conservation challenges and solutions such topics were discussed.

   China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation president Li Wu said that China has issued a series to promote the development of new initiatives to accelerate the west , the implementation will be further differentiated economic policies, including key infrastructure tilted to the west, to the western boot industry transfer to support competitive local processing of mineral resources, energy conversion, etc., for the petrochemical industry, optimize the industrial layout, speed up the "structural adjustment, to the way " to create favorable conditions and space.

   It is reported that this Assembly for the oil and chemical industry supporting the four major areas of focus thematic sessions, namely China Development Forum, new chemical materials, engineering survey and design enterprise technology innovation and development forum, the international petrochemical market dynamics and outlook forums and South Korea Petrochemical Conference .

   Wuhan Xinyingda chemical co., ltd since its inception in 2006 , with a good reputation and high quality service, has many domestic and foreign customers to establish a long-term stable good relations of cooperation. The products are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East , the Americas, Europe and other places. Our main products are: lignin sulfonate , calcium lignosulfonate magnesium lignosulfonate, ammonium lignosulfonate, iron lignosulfonate , chromium lignosulfonate, alkali lignin, iron chromium salts, chromium lignin, lignin disperse dyes, oil drilling lignin, sodium gluconate, naphthalene water reducer and superplasticizer.


             I believe by the International Petrochemical opportunity, our products will be developed in the western areas and the international oil industry, take advantage of our range water reducer, concrete and oil drilling in the construction process to reflect the advantage and value of them. Let our products promote development of the industry, revive the west and serve the world.