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Stricter rules for chemicals delivery

  Stricter rules for chemicals delivery

One death and seven injuries from parcels contaminated with a highly toxic chemical on 23rd, Nov., 2014.

Because no careful checking of every parcel, all materials on truck was polluted by the toxic chemical which leads this tragedy.

The loopholes exposed by this incident point to the messy management of the express delivery sector, which has witnessed rapid development in recent years.

In this process, some express developed very quickly, but without ever tightening the management over their local branches.

This lethal poisoning incident should be a reminder that express delivery giants such as YTO need to have a clear strategy for their long-term development. Blind expansion without nurturing a sound corporate culture will do no good to the industry's sound development.

Also stricter and clarified rules are needed to improve standards and safety.

At the same time, chemicals sending are stricter in Chinese express companies which will also influence its speed to the receiver’s hands. Hope this will be understood by our clients.

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