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Crisis in wenzhou bank cannot too "cold"

Core ideas: China JingJiWang netizen Wang Zhenfeng think, we need an open, fair and impartial financial capital market, needs a highly effective, transparent and competitive market system. Enterprises "growth" dreams, is the precondition of Banks "development of dream", argues relations should be communion co-prosperity. In wenzhou, zhejiang province, the emergence of private lending storm, let enterprises, individuals and government are in the dilemma. Wenzhou enterprises gloom, as companies mutual insurance chain rupture caused by the crisis is still spreading. Enterprises, enterprises have said rich of time, the bank still struggling to beg for your loan; The enterprise did not guarantee ability, the bank will be one thousand to fix mutual insurance for you, even help you fix loan sharks. Wenzhou entrepreneur complained that Banks in loose when searching for ways to make corporate loans, and in the enterprise difficulties will try very hard to credit, loans, loans, and even help fix mutual insurance and loan sharks, don't make some money on the closing of the enterprise, the boss run, and jump off a building. In that case, in the eyes of some entrepreneurs, Banks seem to chase profits, a "cold-blooded," good times "the icing on the cake" is given in the enterprise in heaven, and business is bad when it pushes it into the "to" hell ". Of course, there are some wenzhou entrepreneur "awake" to realize, not blindly blame bank, enterprise boss should know I borrow money to do, have the ability to take risks. Of course, we should think more, how to build a fact conducive to the development of economic and social relations. There is no doubt that many financial risks exist in the current economic system, the root cause is associated with excessive bank profit. Some financial institutions are too addicted to the pursuit of profit money game, knowing lending business is a risk, but not the customer's credit and reimbursement ability as a prerequisite, sometimes clever use of so-called implied hidden rules, attach some unreasonable loan conditions, fix mutual insurance broker even borrow usury. And business "false innovation", walk around the code, using the notes and other irregularities businesses have a game of "money". To the enterprise "rich is flattering, lean is diao", not is a special case of a place. If the bank does not try to break this kind of business development, I'm afraid is difficult to establish a harmonious fusion, the fact of the development of the relationship. In addition, the local government and enterprise itself and what to act as a role in this link? As local governments, should consider is how to make the "market" in the financial sector and the allocation of resources play a role in the various sectors, and the financial focus on the real economy, to adjust the economic structure and transformation and upgrading as well as China's economic sustainable development to provide strong power. Wenzhou enterprises should also be aware that the future of financial reform is bound to make a breakthrough in key links and key areas reform would be even more highlights the market orientation, pay more attention to the decisive role of market in resource allocation. Recently, speeding up the process of financial reform and opening up, such as allowing to launch what was small and medium-sized Banks, promote the establishment of deposit insurance system and perfect the financial institutions market withdrawal mechanism, accelerate the implementation of RMB capital account convertibility, etc. On November 22, the "regulations on the administration of wenzhou folk financing" the first folk financing management local regulations are adopted and promulgated, "wenzhou gold change" took a key step. Thus, the propulsion of financial reform in the future space or will be bigger, faster may also. And adjust to guide what to enter the financial sector, financial system environment, to solve the problem of what enterprise facing the financing difficulties there will be a great role in promoting. On the one hand, we remind enterprises should pay attention to risk control in the production and operation, enhance credibility in society, reasonable arrangements for their own investment and financing plan; Should also be advising bank, on the other hand, don't be so "cold-blooded," themselves don't like Shakespeare's the merchant Shylock, forcing enterprises "cutting effectively. Have the social responsibility of Banks, is worthy of respect. Sometimes, the risk of moral hazard is far more damaging than the financial sector's bubble. Capital in financial markets, is undoubtedly the most important resource of the whole economic and social configuration domain, also is the important fulcrum of transformation. To promote the transformation and upgrading, and service the real economy, we need an open, fair and impartial capital, financial markets need a highly effective, transparent and competitive market system. In short, the "dream" growth of the enterprise, is the precondition of Banks "development of dream", argues relations should be communion co-prosperity.