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A good time to invest overseas

Chinese academy of social sciences institute of world economics and politics on the 18th released the "China's overseas investment country rating report, sample rating analysis of 26 countries, aims to risk early warning for China's enterprises of foreign investment. Among them, the Germany to become the only obtained the highest rating A, A, A country. Seven countries including Australia, Canada, France, on behalf of the low level of risk of a rating; Mongolia low-ranking, Angola and Sudan, was awarded the highest risk of the three countries.
  From the point of overall ratings, the ratings of developed countries is generally higher than that of emerging economies. Germany because of various aspects, and its relationship with China is in the "honeymoon period", in the first place. Report analysis thinks, although the developed economies with better economic base, political risk is low, but generally high levels of debt, will be involved in a long low growth in the future. Therefore, at present is a good time to Chinese investors to invest overseas.

In emerging economies, in addition to South Korea and Russia in the top 10, generally in the middle and lower reaches of other countries. According to the report, however, although the economic foundation is weak, emerging economies solvency differentiation is bigger, but is generally friendly relations with China. China is now in these countries have a larger investment stock, enterprise should consider many factors when overseas investment.

 World economics and politics at the Chinese academy of social sciences research by the international investment research room master ren zhang Ming said that relations with China is the rating of a major bright spot. This part focuses on the rated countries whether with the dealer service department I sign investment agreement (BIT), enterprise investment and the status of the bilateral political relations. "Relations with China to measure the risk of Chinese enterprises in the host country specific investment, the good relationship with China is to reduce the shock absorber of overseas investment risk.

  According to zhang Ming, the 26 countries that are attached to the rating, eight covers both the United States, France and other developed economies, including Indonesia, Zambia and other 18 in emerging economies. Rating G built 20 countries, and the rest of China's overseas investment is larger, 26 rating sample countries of China's overseas investment accounted for 63% of the total stock of foreign direct investment in China. Rating mainly inspects the economic base, political risk and social flexibility, solvency and its relations with China and other five indicators, there are growth, stability of the government, the terms of trade and other 37 indicators, based on the final score after standardizing each index, and make A from B to A, A A different grade rating.

It is reported, this is China's leading academic institutions for the first time for China's overseas investment risk rating. World economics and politics at the Chinese academy of social sciences institute of Zhang Yuyan says, and the world's three major rating agencies - standard & poor's, moody's , the company mainly for sovereign credit risk rating is different, the Chinese academy of social sciences rating focus on direct investment, the risk faced by Chinese enterprises in overseas investment main quantitative assessment, trying to provide a reference for enterprises to improve success rate of overseas investment.

 Figures show that in 2012, China's foreign direct investment growth 17.6%, hit a record $87.8 billion, after the United States and Japan the world's third largest foreign direct investor. And this is maybe a good chance for our company to attract invest and develop.