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The currency is a huge bubble

The currency is a huge bubble 2013.12.5 Monica Strange trades COINS, ride the rocket, become the best bubble. On November 29th, COINS first super gold prices, Mt. The hot exchange bigger, the currency trading price hit a new record of $1242, gold prices to $1241.98 an ounce. The currency price on a rocket, since this year, the currency to rise has gone beyond 7600%. And the beginning of 2010, the currency only 15 cents. The currency's biggest advantage is not inflation, dig to the extreme, and only 21 million units, it makes deep in inflation of the outlet. The advantage of the currency is democracy and fairness, anyone can through the currency machine mining, mining and the satisfied people for the central bank's aversion to psychological awash with money, curtilage in the home computer people can dig out the COINS. Shenzhen a mysterious "baked" cat mining machine company, foreign sales in May this year began to mill. By the end of November, two types of mining machine (type "blade" and "USB") accumulative total sales of ten thousand units, calculate the force of more than 1000 t. COINS are safe, who want to avoid the ubiquitous monitoring, shopping around the global investment is perfect man, you pick a computer, there is a long 64 bytes of the private key (such as E9 87 3 d 79 C6 D8 7 d C0 FB 6 a 57, 78 63 33 89 F4 45 32 13 30 3 d A6 1 f 20 BD 67 FC 23 3 a A3 32, 62), the key can generate the corresponding address of COINS, but the currency address unable to reverse the currency key is deduced. Have a key, the key on the COINS and coin purse bank, can use at any time. Not seen the password cracking television? COINS are hard to crack the password, can even let the U.S. government to eat a big battle. The fact is not so wonderful, COINS can not replace real money. Is up and down like a roller coaster at the currency to the dollar, the currency is not likely to become a stable currency. And the currency is less safe, hackers and cheats have long coveted. In November, Australia announced a 18-year-old COINS bankers, the management of currency bank Inputs. IO 4100 gold COINS were hackers stole, current price of $1.3 million. Early in our country the currency trading platform GBL company that the tie was hacked. Netizens preliminary estimates, the cash loss is as high as 4 million yuan, including 8000 gold COINS, worth up to more than 5000 ten thousand yuan. Recently, jinhua police arrested three suspects. Similar to the currency, such as white sugar futures or cotton futures, within half a year can let investors become a billionaire, overnight volatility and back. And like a art exchange, at the time of high, van gogh's a irises can clap a 65 million dollars prices, weak, no one take over 20 million. The currency is a financial investment, the currency exchange is more like early stock or options trading places. Some fanatical fans, or continuous mining, or from the purchase price lower exchange thrown in exchange with higher prices, in the middle of the price difference. While some currency exchange for leveraged deals and short-selling, a New York company Coinsetter raised $500000 in investment, what do you want to be a currency forex trading market, allowing people to leverage based on margin and short selling. Think of leverage with the dollar in the currency of the investment, can cross trade, is this normal capital money market? Only with foreign exchange, the futures market, due to the scarcity of COINS, COINS national policy risks, prices rise and fall even more crazy. Such a crazy market, love the people of gambling and how can you stand by. China to become the main battlefield of virtual trading, according to independent pricing site of bitcoins business data, China has accounted for 62% of total global currency markets, the COINS every Chinese more than Mt. Bigger, become the world's most traded currency exchange, denominated in renminbi currency 30 times the size growth over the past two months. According to the personage inside course of study from the trading flexibility, capital source analysis, a large part of the currency from not so understand the virtual market "elderly men", they envy the currency appreciation, crazy but so not understand the nature of the currency, not to mention the key knowledge, etc. And a symbol for wenzhou merchants into speculative group, the high risk, high speculative nature of the currency is obvious. In essence, the currency rising crazy, is in the notes under the background of a large number of water injection, and to cast a vote of no confidence, a bill is a huge bubble a bill. Throw COINS of the attribute of the Internet virtual currency, the currency rose and gold rose, copper prices surged, ten years before art surged, jade, there is no essential difference between rising concerns about paper currencies, hold one another lifeline, hope more than the speed of currency depreciation. But they forget the child, no matter what kind of investment, including COINS, its benchmark rate is still such as the dollar notes and COINS not be monetary anchor. Doesn't even have the traditional gold anchor, and the currency? Aunt buy gold, can hedge risks, a bill to buy Chinese index funds, in dollars, can hedge the risks between different financial products. Aunt who has now shifted to the currency, and wish them good luck, this is really an unpredictable varieties, who also don't know outlook, practical way is to quickly trading profit. For investors in hot faint head, so not listened. Because of unreliable notes that contributed to the currency market, and you can also believe that the currency from a currency notes another kingdom?