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Lignosulphonate's price is affected by new energy vehicles

The China association of automobile manufacturers, according to the first quarter of this year, byd new energy automobile brand in the domestic sales in the first place, compared to the same period last year, byd new energy car sales growth, nearly 10 times.Sohu auto release in the first quarter of 2014 domestic major new energy car companies, according to the proportion of sales accounted for more than Toyota, byd, with 30% of the market chery and roewe, ranked first.


Compared with most domestic automobile enterprises, byd new energy vehicles involved earlier time. With the advantages of the battery, as early as in 2010, byd is against city bus public transportation market electric solution. Byd K9 electric bus and e6 electric taxis and other new energy cars have in shenzhen, changsha, xi 'an, shaoguan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other major cities, and Britain, the Netherlands, Columbia, some European and American countries and regions, such as the United States has carried on the market-oriented operation, and get good grades. It is understood that the E6 electric car sales in 2014 will reach 5000, qin will realize the annual sales of 15000 to 20000, byd pioneer status in the field of new energy vehicles will continue to strengthen.


New energy vehicles affected some chemicals, such as sodium lignosulphonate, calcium lignosulphonate, luckly, it is not a big difference, their price just a little floating. Our company is an exporting lignosulphonate chemicals company. our company's products have been in the pursuit of energy conservation and environmental protection, and turn “waste” into wealth,  products meet the national environmental protection standard, pay attention to protecting the environment combined with economic development, may hold fast development road. Also welcome customers to come to consult.


We are the leader supplier of sodium lignosulphonate, calcium lignosulphonate, ferrochrome lignosulphonate, magnesium lignosulphonate, etc.


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