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The Usage of Sodium Gluconate

Sodium gluconate can be widly used in the industry. Sodium gluconate may be effective in the construction, textile and metal surface treatment and water treatment industry, steel surface cleaners, glass bottle cleaners, electroplating aluminum oxide coloring, in concrete industry as efficient retarder, superplasticizer and so on.

We specialize the sodium gluconate which is used as concrete admixture. After a certain amount of glucose added to the cement, sodium can increase the plasticity and strength of the concrete, and there is blocking effect, Postpone the concrete during the initial and final solidification, such as adding 0.15% of sodium gluconate, can be extended at the beginning of the coagulation time of more than 10 times the concrete, the concrete is moldable time from hours to days to extend, without affecting the its fastness. Plasticity and delaying the initial solidification time is a very important issue in the concrete operations, such as high temperatures and large-scale construction projects seasonal jobs, delaying the initial solidification time is a problem, sodium gluconate can satisfactorily solve this problem.

Also glued well at high temperatures is more difficult, added sodium gluconate concrete after high temperature at 170 ℃, within a few hours of plastic, so these issues can be satisfactorily resolved. Therefore, sodium gluconate as a cement admixture has been widely used in foreign countries important architectural works.

Except sodium gluconate, we also have sodium lignosulphonate, calcium lignosulphonate and sodium naphonate formaldehyde which are all can be used in construction.