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Widely application of lignosulphonate

Lignosulfonate or sulfonate ligno(CAS number 8062-15-5), the Department of powdered low-lead gas retarding superplasticizer, are anionic surface active substances, on the adsorption and dispersion of cement, concrete can improve various physical performance. Reusable dubbed early strength agent, retarder, antifreeze, pumping agent, and naphthalene superplasticizer compound made of liquid admixtures basically no precipitate.

Lignosulfonate is widely used in construction, ceramics, mineral powder, textile dyestuff,Carbon black, Animal feed, and porcelain chemical industry, metallurgical industry, petroleum industry, fire-retardant materials, and coal water slurry (CWS) dispersion agent.


1.The single largest use for lignosulfonates is as plasticizers in making concrete,where they allow concrete to be made with less water (giving stronger concrete) while maintaining the ability of the concrete to flow. Lignosulfonates are also used during the production of cement, where they act as grinding aids in the cement mill and as a rawmix slurry deflocculant (that reduces the viscosity of the slurry).

2. Lignosulfonates are also used for the production of plasterboard to reduce the amount of water required to make the stucco flow and form the layer between two sheets of paper. The reduction in water content allows lower kiln temperatures to dry the plasterboard, saving energy.

3. The ability of lignosulfonates to reduce the viscosity of mineral slurries is used to advantage in oil drilling mud, where it replaced tannic acids from quebracho (a tropical tree).

4.Lignosulfonates are used to disperse pesticides, dyes, carbon black, and other insoluble solids and liquids into water. They are used in tanning leather. They are also used to suppress dust on unpaved roads.


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