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Beautiful chemical- China

July 23, sponsored by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, China Chemical Industry News hosted the "beautiful Chemical • China" large gathering activities.


According to reports, this "beautiful Chemical • China" large gathering activities, will be divided into the Yangtze River Delta economic zone, the Bohai Rim Economic Zone, the Pearl River Delta economic zone, the Silk Road economic zone, the central economic zone, the Northeast Economic Zone, six-way forward. The journalists across the country, took hundreds of companies, thousands in the process, by showing the chemical and petrochemical industries beautiful building efforts made ​​and the results achieved to eliminate misconceptions and prejudices of the public, to restore a true image of the oil and chemical industries. Excellent marketing campaign while a typical enterprise, motivate and guide the entire industry enterprises gain experience, to build beautiful chemicals.


China Petrochemical Association Vice Chairman and Secretary General Zhao Jungui at the launching ceremony, said: "At present, China has become the world's petrochemical production and consumption country, but petrochemicals unique flammable, explosive, pollution and other characteristics of the industry gradually into public view the current petrochemical industry encountered a prominent role contradiction is the contradiction of the petrochemical industry and the people's growing demand for public safety and environmental protection among the green. " he believes that the fundamental purpose of the development of the petrochemical industry, in the final analysis is to improve people's lives improve China's comprehensive national strength. Petrochemical companies must build an ecological civilization on a strategic level, to take positive and effective measures to respond to public expectations.


The purpose of the interviews, the whole society is to vigorously promote the new concept of green development of petroleum and chemical industry, new technologies, new achievements, new models, to promote public awareness and understanding of the petrochemical industry, for the development of the industry to create a good social and media environment.