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Preparations and precautions for foreign customers reception

All foreign trade person know, if a foreign client can visit inside the company, a great deal of opportunity will have. Generally we attach great importance to the visit of foreign clients. In fact, doing reception is also very tricky. The following will give more attention to the details of the guests left a very good impression, cooperation after adding more of a certainty of success.


First, let's talk about the general reception it:

Before the guests arrived, we should learn more about the details of customers visiting the company staff via e-mail or via telephone manner. Such as: Name visiting staff, the number of flights, eating habits and other information, so we can arrange shuttle vehicles, hotels and accommodation.

When guests came to the company, we took him to a conference room or hall inside seating, may wish to ask next:? Can I bring you something to drink (? You want something to drink), then if it is water, bottled mineral water is the best.

Conference room to put their fruit, it is better to put a little candy (chocolate mints or coffee, sugar, compact packaging is also good). I have come into contact with foreigners, basically no do not like sweets, I remember during a business trip in India, while Indian companies to work every so often someone will send some kind of rock sugar block or sweet Indian tea.


We talk with clients out to dinner the next:

Select Restaurant: Not necessarily luxurious, but we must look clean. Because to go to work, the body is very important. If diarrhea do not live because of their trip to China a big loss.

Cuisine choices: be sure to ask before: Do you have anything that you don't eat (there anything you do not eat?) This question is critical?. Foreigners with Chinese people's physique is very different. They are allergic to many things. For the Indians, if you hear him say he is a vegetarian (vegan) also take offense to their religious requirements is one such. For them, if he did not bring their own food to Chinese food to eat, give him a special point vegan. In ordering the next time you want to take special care of a la carte. And best not to give them too spicy food. But also understand the customers like the food and food taboos, such as India, customers generally eat beef and pork.

Eating utensils: cutlery cities generally have great restaurants, but if you're a small place, wish to invite to dinner when foreign clients to help them prepare in advance with a knife and fork sets. Because they allow them to be a bit awkward to use chopsticks. Especially the first time you use chopsticks, if dirty clothes for business travelers who are very troublesome thing.

Their food: As the use of chopsticks is not very common. Serving when we first do Dongkuaizi, let the waiter first with chopsticks Cook appropriated public foreign guests plate. (Of course, prior to ask: Do you want to try this?) And then we eat together again.

Dessert: If you have sweets, put it last on the most appropriate. If not, you can improvise fruit plate.

Drink: For most people, the degree of China's beer over there than they are much higher, if the meal still work, might be called Tsingtao Beer, a low degree of taste is also more suitable for them. If you see that he does not drink, can be some of Coke; If neither Coke nor beer, it is 100% pure juice.


Finally, talk about the hotel accommodation:

Arranging hotel room, pay attention to the guests try to arrange the room next to each other, this allows guests to visit each other. Rooms also close to our customer reception staff room, told upon arrival, our staff room number and room number, easy to feel free to contact guests need help.

Before arrival, to check on the room, health should be clean, and to ensure that all electrical equipment is in good condition, such as televisions, hotel telephone, air conditioning, bath water temperature should be transferred particularly suitable temperature.

Now we had more and more clients visiting our factory & office about business on” Sodium Lignosulphonate, calcium lignosulphonate, sodium gluconate, naphthalene sulfonate, sorbitol, citric acid etc.”, so all of our sales should pay attention on this issues to give a good impression to clients. 


As an export company, we will receive some foreigners always. So do some preparations and be careful the precautions is necessary. Our company is an exporting comany which has different kinds of chemicals, such as sodium gluconate, sodium lignosulphonate, calcium lignosulfonate, sodium naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde, etc.