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Introduction of molasses powder

As the developing of Chinese and world market, Wuhan Xinyingda Chemicals Co., Ltd is always improving our old products and developing our new product. Now we will introduce a kind of new product which used in farming feeding and food additives.


Powder powder is a by-product of sugar cane juice sugar rejection after drying powder to form after purification, which is used directly to obtain satisfactory results on animal husbandry, feed category, can be classified as fine feed category, because its dry matter content of about 75%, lower (CF% ≤7%) of crude fiber content, high digestible nutrient content. In the category of concentrated feed, and can be refined as energy feed, molasses because of its high energy content, up to 2.1 ~ 3.0NND per kg, while the crude protein content of only 7% to 8%. Its high sugar content, palatability, animals love to eat, and put it with the other not so good palatability of feed mixed together can effectively improve the palatability of the feed mix, thereby increasing the intake of animals.


Another reason is that its energy content is high, digested and absorbed quickly, can be an effective supplement for animal energy. Dissolved in water is mixed with other feed together, can effectively reduce the total mixed diet of dust.


Any other chemicals we can supply, such as sodium gluconate, sodium lignosulphonate, calcium lignosulphonate, sodium naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde, etc. Welcome to purchase.