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How to attract a customer

When we are writing a letter, we will think how to attract customers. Most of the time we are intent to potential customers or clients to develop written letter or release information about our products in various B2B websites. Every day we are not only write a few letters, but hundreds of letters, dozens of letters, and most of the customers may not return us or for the release of the products and we did not get much of the inquiry, at the start we will feel discouraged and hopeless, then we may think about whether the development letters are not attractive enough or we did not catch the key words and focus on it?


At this time, we can adjust the format of the letter about their own development, for example, we can turn to the problem of customers, allow customers to answer questions, to grasp the initiative in their own hands; or you can go to learn more customers, plus his skype, facebook, etc., as much as possible to communicate and promote feelings with him.


Another example when publishing products, sometimes we can search the RFQ to find the key words, then you can look at the customer inquiry is how to describe the above keywords, the next time we publish can follow his keyword to attract our customers.


For example, the sodium lignosulphonate has more than 10 names , then we can search sodium lingo sulphonate, sodium ligin suphonate, lingo sodium sulphonate, lingo sulphonate sodium and so on. For each product, we should know about which names can be used.


Our products: sodium gluconate, sodium lignosulphonate, calcium lignosulphonate, sodium naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde, etc.  Welcome to choose what you like.