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Molasses powder in feed industry

Molasses liquid in the sugar industry will be squeezed out of the cane juice (or beet juice), heating, neutralization, precipitation, filtration, concentration, crystallization processes, the remnant of a thick liquid.


Molasses liquid as an inexpensive feed ingredient, in Europe and some Asian countries use very common. This is because not only an energy raw molasses, but also has faster absorption, improve palatability and reduce dust, etc. to improve the pellet quality. Molasses can also be used in the construction industry, cement retarder and other chemical industries, can also be used in the food industry in the production of monosodium glutamate, caramel and other raw materials.


Molasses are widely used in man field.  

(1) liquid feed with molasses as a carrier, adding an appropriate amount of urea, vitamins, antibiotics and trace elements, sprayed on feed or used to produce pellets. Also can also be mixed with molasses beet pulp, which mixed feed in the rumen of ruminant animals, as rumen microbial cell protein synthesis carbon and nitrogen sources are utilized. And the role of nutrition beet pulp and effective way to improve palatability, can replace part of the diet cake.

(2) the use of pellet binder sweet and sticky molasses, used in animal feed binders, increase the palatability of feed, to prevent dust, increase the hardness and sweetness feed particles. Increased feed conversion ratio.

(3) Sugar Powder (block) the feed used 75% of molasses, 25% sugarcane pulp powder, or peanut shell powder, corn cob flour, beans, shell pink cargo kinds of straw, rattan hanging pink adsorption molasses. Ease of transport and storage.

(4) cap produced silage with molasses for sealing silage, producing lactic acid and acetic acid, both to preserve the nutritional content of green fodder and molasses, but also to prevent rot. Aoba plus 12-15 kilograms per ton of feed molasses cap, Medicago sativa plus 25-30 kilograms per tonne cap.

(5) directly fed farming is often added to drinking water when the Bulls.

(6) production of lysine and feed yeast and alcohol, the use of molasses feed yeast more common, Guangdong Jiangmen sugar production of 2000 tons of feed yeast, Fujian, Guangxi, Shanghai, etc. are produced using molasses feed yeast manufacturers. In addition the use of molasses feed yeast production, production costs can be reduced by about 50%.

(7) Add the dry (powder) feed molasses and dry (powder) mixed feeding livestock feed, in addition to improving palatability, fixed powder, bonding role to play, it can also replace other more expensive diet of carbohydrates, its laxative effect also does not have a lot of feed. In practical mixed feed in general, the proportion of added molasses for: Cattle Calves 8% 15% 8% sheep pig poultry 5% to 15%.


With the development of animal husbandry, feed industry has made in recent years, Meng burst into development, but with the improvement of people's quality of life, the use and development of green additive has become an inevitable requirement. In recent years, the bio-fermentation technology to produce sugar powder with good stability, the exact disease, promote digestion, improve production results while gradually recognized and accepted by the majority of users.