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Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer

Poly carboxylic acid water reducing agent (Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer) is a kind of high performance water reducing agent, is one of the concrete use cement dispersant, chemistry can be divided into two categories, the main chain as the methyl acrylic acid, side chain carboxylic acid groups and MPEG (Methoxy polyethylene glycol), polyester type structure. Another main chain for the polyacrylic acid, side chain of Vinyl alcohol polyethylene glycol, polyether type structure.


Polyester type carboxylic acid in concrete under the condition of strong alkaline easy hydrolysis and the complexity of the process, so its dosage are likely to decline. The strength of the cement concrete depends on the proportion of water and cement, W/C - water cement ratio, the more hours when W/C, the higher the strength of the concrete material, this is the reason why its also known as concrete water reducing agent. Of course for concrete construction, concrete must be kept in a certain degree of work and liquidity, routine testing of concrete slump.


Historical development, before there were poly carboxylic acid additive has lignin sulfonic acid salts admixture, naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde condensation compound, melamine formaldehyde condensation polymer, acetone sulfonate formaldehyde condensation compound, amino sulfonate formaldehyde condensation compound, and so on, these products have certain advantage in cost and adaptability to materials such as sand and gravel high silt content, solid and has a lot to share in the market, has a different degree of use in concrete engineering.


Is not only the advantages of high strength high performance concrete, more important is the excellent properties of this kind of structural material has a series of corresponding. Its early strength development is rapid, even in the winter just shorter curing ages, to ensure the project progress speed; It has a long-term durability; Resistance to chemical corrosion resistance is strong, can be used for various kinds of special projects; It based on high water reducing rate, high strength and working performance, easy pumping, easy compact excellent construction performance. In the preparation of high performance concrete technical measures, the key lies in the rational use of high performance of chemical admixtures, especially with high efficiency water reducing, proper air-entraining and can reduce and prevent the slump loss is of high performance water reducing agent. In a sense, the current of the concrete technology gap is the most important feature is the additive, especially the level of development of high performance water reducing agent.