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Sugar Cane Molasses

Sugarcane molasses is coming from sugar making industries. It’s the rest of thick liquid sugar coming from syrup after heating, neutralization, precipitation, filtration, concentration, crystallization processes, commonly known as taffy. It belongs to liquid energy feed, also has faster absorption, improve palatability an reduce dust, improve the pellet quality. Sugarcane molasses is a dark brown liquid, but fluidity is very poor. Sugar content of molasses is generally 48%.


Although its low energy density than the corn, but compared with corn, its good taste, in general, pigs, chickens, cattle, sheep are like intake, digestion and absorption of fast and has a price advantage. Some experiments show that the addition of molasses in pig feed to replace the same amount of energy feed intake of pigs increased by 9% to 12%, average daily gain increased but slightly lower feed efficiency. In many European manufacturers use molasses to reduce dust, the amount added is up to 5%. The test proved a chicken feed, chicken feed in the production of molasses added 2% improvement in the rate of pellet feed dust is 5.7%, 3% molasses, the improvement rate was 6.8%; added 2% in the chicken feed molasses, the improvement rate was 26.7%, while adding 3% improvement rate was 28.8%.


Thus, molasses improve pellet quality is obvious. And the larger the particle, the effect is more obvious. Another study showed that increasing the amount of molasses can increase milk yield and milk protein content, optimize the quality of milk in dairy cattle feed.


So they are good additives in animal feed industries, also can be used in construction industries for set retarder.


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