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Holiday schedule of XYD in china

Our national day holiday starts from 1st Oct. To 7th Oct., so there will be 7 days rest for whole China, included Custom, workers on port, related agent etc.. If any import plan during this period, ETD & delivery time will be influenced. Surely the shippment & container will be very limited on port, freight will be increased also.


Kindly do your best to avoid any delay comes from this issue. Also contact your related sales to help you do some arrangement in advance.


Besides, with National Day coming, weather will become cold, then the price for sodium gluconate will be decreased because of less demand in winter. And the price of molasses & other related materials coming from corn will have some decrease also.


Hope this info. will be helpful for you to make on time arrangement. XYDCHEM will wish all clients will have a nice day every day.