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Cement increasing demand

In July, the Indian government has introduced fiscal year 2015 budget, the budget shows that the Indian government will increase spending on infrastructure, so the industry is expected in fiscal year 2015, India's cement demand will rise.

Investment information and credit rating agencies - Sabyasachi Majumdar, Senior Vice President of ICRA Limited noted that the government's budget has already announced that it will take a series of initiatives to promote the growth of local infrastructure construction and real estate investments. Benefit from the rise and fall of housing loan interest fund rural housing, urban and rural housing demand is bound to rise, which also will boost demand for cement to rise.

According to reports, the new minister of road transport and highways in India - Nitin Gadkari intends to cement its major domestic producers to reach an agreement in order to ensure long-term supply of concrete road construction materials. Through comparative study of concrete and asphalt road construction costs, according to local media speculated that the initial cost of concrete roads about 15% higher than the asphalt road, but can be long-term cooperation with the cement manufacturers to reduce.

Compared to asphalt roads, concrete roads require less maintenance and are more resistant parts of the country extreme weather conditions. About 50 road projects have been prepared, but it has not yet started. Mr. Nadkari at its first press conference, said: "will be released as soon as the big obstacle 50 highway construction projects, and the introduction of reward system to determine accountability Moreover, corruption and delays will not be tolerated".

If all the 50 roads are built with concrete instead of asphalt, then for the Indian cement industry will be a positive, it is learned, the cement industry has been suffering in recent years, so-called "policy paralysis." In addition, many companies forecast results for the first quarter of the demand will increase, and noted that the elections will stimulate the development of India's infrastructure

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