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Strength sodium naphthalene superplasticizer

Technical Specifications

Test results HSN Item GB8076-1997 index (1.2% ash)

First grade Qualified

Water reduction rate,% ≥8 ≥5 12

Bleeding rate ratio,% ≤95 ≤100 75

Coagulation time difference, min initial setting -90 to + 90-90 + 90-50

Final setting 90 ~ + ~ + 90 +30 90-90

Compressive strength ratio,% 1d ≥140 ≥130 210

3d ≥130 ≥120 175

7d ≥115 ≥110 142

28d ≥105 ≥100 125

28d shrinkage ratio,% ≤135 124

Reinforcement corrosion on steel should indicate whether the effect of non-rusting



1. the powder can be added directly with cement, sand, gravel together in a blender first dry mix, then add the wet mix, stirring time is the same as with ordinary concrete. Liquid water reducing agent can be added with the concrete mixing water.

2. powder recommended dosage (in plastic timber weight) of 0.8 to 2.0 percent; liquid dosage of 1.5 to 2.5 percent.

3. when small quantities of concrete using artificial agitation, after the powder should be added to the mixing water with water-based application (after the dissolution of the goods "carrier" materials precipitation is normal)

Packaging and storage

1. using powder with plastic woven bag, net weight 40Kg or 50kg, but also according to the user's requirements, using other packaging, liquid packaging for big drum 200kg / barrel.

2. the product should be stored in dry and ventilated warehouse dedicated, valid for one year.

3. transport, special material to prevent sharp scratching, avoid broken package damp, if wet, can be dried crushed and sieved to use.

4. If this product expired, after inspection before use.