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The introduction of fulvic acid potassium(

Biochemical fulvic (BSFA) the application of modern biotechnology, plant residue as raw materials, through fermentation, the successful preparation classes Coal fulvic substances - high activity BSFA type of biochemical fulvic. (Humic acid, fulvic acid belongs to the smallest molecular weight, the largest component of the activity, the Department of humic acid active ingredient in essence) that integrates points, three major advantages of performance, price and indisputable Coal fulvic acid become the best alternatives.


First, the main component of biochemical fulvic potassium, technical specifications and prices biochemical fulvic is a polyvalent phenol polycondensates of aromatic compounds and nitrogen compounds (E4 / E6 = 3.3), the appearance of brown powder, sweet smell, the Department of natural fermented products, without any side effects, achieve food hygiene standards. Fulvic acid content (dry basis) ≥50% total nitrogen (N) content (dry basis) ≥3.0% total phosphorus (P) content (dry basis) ≥0.4% of total potassium (k2o) content (dry basis) ≥11.7% amino acid content (dry basis) ≥8.51% crude protein content (dry basis) ≥19.78% organic content (dry basis) ≥50% 

fulvic acid

Biochemical yellow rot potassium physicochemical characteristics and mechanism functions:

1. the scientific combination of new nutrition chain, the overall balance of plant requirements. Biochemical fulvic molecule is not a pure compound, but an extremely complex mixture of heterogeneous composite of macromolecular structure and composition. Therefore, in addition to high levels of the product of fulvic acid, but also rich in plant growth process required almost all amino acids, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, a variety of enzymes, sugars (oligosaccharides, fructose, etc.) Protein , nucleic acids, humic acid and VC, VE and plenty of B vitamins and other nutrients, is a green bio-fertilizer.

2.  has a high biological activity of the unknown factors promoting growth. It proves biochemical fulvic kernel containing unproven unknown pro-growth factor has a high biological activity. Strictly speaking biochemical fulvic substances does not contain hormones, but the process was demonstrated using chemical synthesis of auxin, cell sorting Hormone and other plant hormones similar effects on plant growth and development play a comprehensive regulatory role (FDA diluted 1500-2000 times, do Foliar and root irrigation, hydroponics, you can verify). So many do foliar fertilization of manufacturers to adopt the goods replace or partially replace GA, complex sodium nitrate, multi-effect dwarfish other synthetic hormones.