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Seven storage methods of calcium chloride

Large quantities of calcium chloride more favorable prices, but if one-time used up, then you must correct storage of calcium chloride, here we come to tell you about the seven calcium chloride storage methods:

calcium chloride

1. Store in a dry, cool room, ventilated warehouse.

2. Away from fire, heat, keep the container sealed.

3. It should be with ether, boron stored separately.

4.The storage room inside the lighting, ventilation and other facilities should be explosion-proof switch is set outside the warehouse, equipped with the appropriate variety and quantity of fire equipment.

5. Prohibit the use of easy to produce sparks of mechanical equipment and tools.

6. Packing and handling operations to pay attention to personal protection.

7. Handle gently, to prevent damage to packaging and containers.

     These are the seven calcium chloride storage methods, we want to help.