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The Application of Sorbitol

1. Synthetic resins and plastics, low-boiling compounds containing oxygen separation and analysis. Also used as gas chromatography stationary phase, thickeners, hardeners and insecticides.

2.The used gas chromatography stationary phase for separation and analysis of low-boiling oxygenates, amines, heterocyclic compounds, nitrogen or oxygen. Also used in organic synthesis.

sortibol in XYD CHEM

3. Used as toothpaste, cosmetics, tobacco moisture regulator. It is a substitute for glycerin, moisture resistance than glycerin ease, taste better. And other moisturizing agents can use, in order to achieve a synergistic effect. Also for the pharmaceutical industry as a raw material for the manufacture of vitamin C.

4. Diuretic dehydrating agent. For the treatment of cerebral edema and intracranial pressure, glaucoma treatment increased intraocular pressure, but also for normal heart and kidney edema, oliguria.

5. Fisheries aquasorb. The ratio of sucrose 2.1% + 3.15% + sorbitol compound phosphate 1.00%, can effectively reduce the water activity of dried fish, improve the Ca-ATPase activity.