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Urea overall market to stabilize the main

Urea overall market to stabilize the main, in some areas was up 10 yuan. Shandong, Henan Province mainstream factory price temporarily stable, a few manufacturers made pre-primary port orders, transactions can still present the new single, individual manufacturers raised about 10 yuan; few manufacturers in Hebei parade by limited production shutdown affected production decreased, the mainstream factory price increase of about 10 yuan; lakes region is agriculture need not busy, workers need to take the goods in general, the mainstream factory price stable; Guangdong and Guangxi Area farmers need small end of the season, take the goods to the poor, although Guangxi mainstream factory price temporarily stable at around 1,730 yuan, but the actual poor turnover. Port, the current price-to-port small particles of about 1620-1640 yuan, rose last week by about 40 yuan, profits and without regard to exporters of VAT, or about $ 277 FOB export price, but according to confirmed namely small particles of urea loading transaction price slightly lower to $ 273-274, showing that the export situation is not very satisfactory. Taken together, until early September urea prices will show a moderate upward situation, but overall demand, so the price increase and the price range should be limited.