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Feed & Fertilizer > Sodium Lignosulfonate

Sodium Lignosulfonate

Brand: XYD

Product Description

Lignin sulfonate is a natural chemical modification of lignin products whose state is brown fine powder with slightly aromatic odor, and non-toxi, harmless.

It is a product through chemical processing which is black liquid waste discharged from paper making using wheat straw, rice straw, straw, reeds, sugar cane and other plants as raw material.

This product is especially suitable for hot climates cement concrete mixing station.

The lignin sulfonate used as concrete admixtures with the feature of mixed with less water-reducing rate, low gas content, good workability, inexpensive, easy-to-use, which is a good nature superplasticizer.

The aqueous solution does not occur the precipitation when mixed with the naphthalene-based, melamine resins.

The product’s cost performance is ideal. If use reasonablely, it can reduce costs and increase economic benefits significantly .


Product Properties

1, Less water is in 8-12%. The products can save 8% -12% of cement in the same slump and conditions of the same strength.

2, Improving the workability of the concrete significantly.

3, It can extend the initial setting time of 2.5 hours, 3 hours of the final setting time.And the heat of hydration peak can be postponed for more than five hours in the standard state which is convinent to the summer construction and commercial concrete, mass concretetransport.

4, No chlorine ions, no corrosion to steel hazards.

5, It applys for all kinds of various reinforced concrete compounded with portland cement formulated the conservation of the natural room temperature and prestressed concrete.

6, The 3 - 28 days compressive strength can be increased by 15% on average when use the product.


25kg/bag, 550kg/bag or packed as customers’ request

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